Developer DocumentationsShipX API Changelog: Updates & Highlights

ShipX API Changelog: Updates & Highlights

Welcome to the ShipX API Changelog page! As our platform evolves, we believe in maintaining transparency about the changes, enhancements, and fixes made to our API. This changelog provides a chronological record of most recent updates to ensure developers and partners can track modifications, understand the implications of each change, and adapt their integrations accordingly. Whether it's a new feature addition, a minor tweak, or a bug fix, you'll find all the details here. Remember to check back often, as we're constantly working to improve the ShipX experience for everyone.

Here are the changes in chronological order, starting with the most recent and going back to the oldest.

1.60.0 (2023-09-26)

  • [enhancement] Introduced new top-level domains, eligible for all services.

  • [fix] Fixed an issue where v1/batches/ shipments would get stuck in "offer selected" when one of the shipments had incorrect data.

  • [fix] Fixed an issue causing v1/batches/ to create shipments in a loop under certain scenarios.

1.59.0 (2023-07-18)

  • [enhancement] Introduced new top-level domains eligible for Allegro services.

1.58.2 (2023-07-04)

  • [fix] Fixed validation errors while ordering dispatch orders with null value for sending_method.

  • [fix] Fixed taken_by_courier status description to reflect the proper description

1.58.1 (2023-06-30)

  • [fix] Implemented under-the-hood optimizations and tweaks for smoother performance and enhanced stability.

1.58.0 (2023-06-30)

  • [enhancement] Rolled out API enhancements to bolster our partnership with Allegro, offering richer integrations and streamlined functionalities.

  • [fix] Fixed validation errors while ordering a shipment using the inpost_letter_allegro service with “sending_method": "parcel_locker".

1.57.1 (2023-06-13)

  • [fix] Fixed an authorization error that resulted in a 403 Forbidden response when using the shipment_cancel command.

  • [fix] Implemented under-the-hood adjustments to improve the handling and efficiency of shipment reference settings.