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Payment API [ENG]

The Merchant API application, which is part of the InPost Pay system, provides the following services:

  • GET /v1/izi/transaction Allows you to download a list of transactions for an authorized merchant. A full description of the
    transaction fields and filters that can be used to limit the result returned is provided below.

  • POST /v1/izi/transaction/{transaction_id}/refund Allows to order a full or partial refund for a selected transaction,
     carried out in one of the stores of an authorized merchant. In the case of this service, additional
     verification of the order is carried out by verifying the message signature.

Use the secret to generate the signature. To receive it, please contact the support available at

This is not the same client_secret used to receive the access_token. A full description of how to correctly generate the message signature can be found below.




Authentication is required and is carried out in the same way as in the case of integration with InPost Pay (Basket App). You should download the access_token to remind you
 of your client_id and client_secret, and then pass it as a Bearer Token in the Authorization header.

Available environments:

  • Sandbox:

  • Production:


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