[1.23.0] Bulk Shipment payment


The resource is available only in the following countries: PL, IT

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Access to the resource requires a valid access token.

Bulk Shipment payment

At the time of offer selection, the other offers (not selected) are deleted. Application allows for bulk shipment payment only in the case where all data is entered correctly ( given shipment ID's belong to the organization, offer ID's are properly assigned to shipments and weren't previously paid for etc.)

Attention! Asynchronous processing

Because the process of buying a shipment is asynchronous the server will return a response without changes related to the buy itself (status change, tracking number assignement) because that data will be available only after some time

POST /v1/organizations/:organization_id/shipments/bulk_buy




Bulk Buy Shipments

Allows for bulk purchase of shipments.

idStringUnique shipment ID that allows the return of shipment validation errors related to the specific shipment.
shipment_idIntegerShipment ID
offer_idIntegerOffer ID
Table may consist of a maximum of 100 elements.PL, IT

Example request

curl -X POST https://api-shipx-pl.easypack24.net/v1/organizations/1/shipments/bulk_buy -H 'Authorization: Bearer token' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{
    {"id": 1, "shipment_id": 235, "offer_id": 284},
    {"id": 2, "shipment_id": 236, "offer_id": 285}


HTTP/1.1 204 No Content
Content-Type: application/json

Error information

The server can return the following errors during bulk shipment payment:

  • resource_not_found - When shipment doesn't exist or user has no access to it
  • offer_unavailable - Offer is in a different status than available  or selected
  • transaction_failed - If the payment processing was not succesful

Asynchronous Shipment payment

To retrieve information about the succesful purchase of the shipment, in the organisation settings define a url for sending shipment_confirmed  events. This will result in ShipX sending the following information to the url.

POST http://{{webhook client return address}}
Content-Type: application/json
	"event_ts":"2015-12-08 19:42:42 +0100",
	"payload": {