[ENG] PrestaShop 1.7 / 8.X




Below is the documentation for the InPost PrestaShop proprietary plugin. It contains information about the installation and configuration of the plugin


Plugin: (latest version 1.25.0- 18.07.2024r)


Our plugin is compatible with PrestaShop version 1.7 and above. Version 1.6 as well as some PHP versions may cause errors in operation of the plugin and the store.

Compatibility of PrestaShop version with PHP: https://devdocs.prestashop-project.org/1.7/basics/installation/system-requirements/#php-compatibility-chart

Pre-test the plugin on a trial version of the store



New plug-in version compatible with PrestaShop 8.X

Plugin: (latest version 2.10.0- 18.07.2024r)



  • 1.25.0 / 2.10.0: 18.07.2024

    • New: new delivery method “Smart Courier”

  • 1.24.0 / 2.9.0: 26.04.2024

    • New: added integration with onepagecheckoutps module

    • FIX: resolved bug preventing the order page from being displayed in the administration panel if there are confirmed or earlier status shipments associated with the order

  • 1.23.0 / 2.8.0: 29.03.2024

    • New: added on the order page in the administration panel the possibility to create shipments when the delivery method selected for the order is not linked to the module

    • New: addition of the display of information about the selected Parcel Locker on the order details page on FO

    • New: added option to remove consignment data from the PS via the list of processed consignments and the order page in the administration panel

    • FIX: improved validation of the phone number in the checkout module if the option to enter a separate phone number is disabled in the carrier module

    • FIX: corrected case where a warning was raised on the module configuration page when the open_basedir option was enabled in the PHP configuration open_basedir

    • FIX: updated service name translations

    1.22.1 / 2.7.1:

    • FIX: improved compatibility with TheCheckout

    • New: protection against errors that prevent the module from starting up

    1.22.0 / 2.7.0:

    • FIX: label printing on SAFARI

    • FIX: improving the performance of CRON queries



Production environment

You must have access credentials to connect to the ShipX API before installation:

  • Access Token (key)

  • ID organization


  • Access Token for Geowidget

Download a tutorial explaining how to quickly create access to the ShipX API and Geowidget on your own:


Sandbox environment


Plugin installation

Log in to your store's admin panel on the PrestaShop platform

  1. Go to Modules tab


2. On the Modules tab, select Module Manager

3. On the right side of the screen you will see the Upload a module button

(Click on the button and upload the installation package as an Archive)



Plugin configuration


Searching for a module for further configuration is done in the Modules tab -> Module Manager

Type "Inpost" into the browser and click the Configure button



allows configuration of API access (Production and Sandbox)



allows you to add a Token to Geowidget (you need to generate a Geowiedget token for the map with InPost points to work properly)


Sender details

data can be completed or automatically downloaded from the API


Sending method

allows you to configure the default Pickup/Parcel Locker® and set the default insurance value


Shipping services

a place to add and configure Parcel Locker® and Courier services


Weekend delivery

allows you to configure the Parcel on the Weekend service (days and hours of service availability)


Dispath points

allows you to add/delete/edit Collection Points


Checkout config

  • Store uses custom checkout → enable when you use custom checkout in your store (there are modules to choose from)

  • Show field for email address and phone number → number phone and email are pulled from address data, if you need to use the fields when selecting Parcel Locker you can enable them here



here are additional options for order processing


Szybkie Zwroty

allows you to configure the Fast Returns service (having created an account in this service - Sales Representative)





Here you can fill in your API access data (Token, Organization ID), which you can generate yourself in the Parcel Manager under "API" Access to environments is at the beginning of this documentation

It is possible to use only Sandbox mode after switching the switch and completing the sandbox data





For proper operation of the map with InPost points in the shopping cart, you need to add the Geowidget token to the Production or Sandbox configuration.

Generate the token in Parcel Manager under My Account → API → Geowidget (specifying the store domain)




Shipping services

Here you can configure the delivery methods that will appear in your store


Click Add New -> fill in the service that is imported from the API, the default shipping method, specify the default shipment dimensions or gauge ( depending on the service used), then give the correct service name according to the guidelines in the "Poradniku skutecznej implementacji dostaw InPost w koszyku e-commerce" and click Submit




After adding a service, you have the option to further configure the delivery method. To do so, click GO TO DELIVERY SETTINGS

You will be redirected to the selected service, where you can change the logo, set shipping costs, maximum weight, sizes and availability for guests or customers logged into the store



Positioning of delivery services in the shopping cart

Tab Improve -> Shipping -> Carriers
Here's how you can position InPost services in your customer's shopping cart


Quick Returns

The service allows customers to return shipments ordered from the store via Parcel Locker

  1. In the plugin configuration, you need to provide a short name for the Fast Returns form. The link is created when you create an account for this service through the Sales Representative

  2. The customer who is logged in to the store in the order tab sees a new Return Merchandise button this allows you to move to your form where he can make a return



Parcel on the Weekend


In order to make the Parcel on the Weekend service available, you need to add a new delivery method.

Go to the module configuration and choose Shipping ServicesAdd New

Configure the method (by selecting Parcel on Weekend):


We then set the availability of the service at the checkout on specific days and times:




Tab allows additional settings for placed orders

  1. Adds information about the selected pickup point in an email message

  2. Changes the order status after printing the shipment (opens a list with available statuses)


CRON - updates shipment statuses in the module

Requires the creation of a CRON task that will update the status of shipments (hosting)





InPost Locker Economy

Products ordered through the provided InPost Paczkomat® Economy Parcel service get an attractive delivery price. Receiving economy parcels from Paczkomat® InPost is the safest way to carry out online orders, especially with the remote opening of the box through the InPost Mobile application



A new shipping method should be added to the operation of the service

  1. Go to Modules → InPost Shipping → Shipping Services tab

  2. We click Add new

  3. We select the Parcel station shipment - economic

  4. We fill in the standard shipping details and the variant code , which was given on the contract

  5. Click Submit

After adding the service, we need to configure it additionally by going to Go to Carrier Settings


There let's set the price for the service, whether the price should include tax and for which groups it should be available

After saving the settings, a new service appears to us in the shopping cart:


Create shippment:

Once the customer has placed an order, the Carriers tab in the order will show which service the customer has selected and a New shipment can be created.


In the place of the Variant code, the value added when adding a new delivery service will be automatically assigned.




Order processing/shipping


Order handling

Tab - Orders

Lets you generate labels, create shipments, print pick-up orders


A table of InPost services appears in the order where we can create a shipment


After clicking on the New Shipment button, a panel opens for editing the data provided by the customer as well as accepting them


Printing and label format

Once the shipment is created, you can download the label by clicking ActionsPrint Label


We have a choice of label formats:




Shipping service

Tab - Shipping > InPost shipments


Here it is possible to handle and view drive-up orders, currently processed and shipped shipments, generate labels, create and print pickup orders


When creating a pickup order, we have the option of selecting a pickup point

Removal of consignments from Przesyłki Procesowane

It is possible to remove shipments that have not been sent from the view in the Processed Shipments panel. This will help to tidy up the view of the current orders.

By clicking on the actions at the end of each consignment, the Delete option appears





Products - templates

In each product there is an option to specify availability for a specific carrier and default shipment dimensions

This applies to Courier shipments (dimensions in cm) and Parcel Locker® shipments (Gabaryty)



Solutions to problems

SSL certificate error problem: certificate has expired

→ cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired

On the hosting side, update ca-certificates (ca-certificates curl openssl command)
Sometimes a reboot of php on the server may also suffice - php may keep the old certificate in cache before changes.

The "Select Parcel Store" button does not work

The reason may be that the URL to the store is incorrectly specified when creating a token for Geowidget in Parcel Manager. When the URL is wrong the map will not open.

Geowidget - no access

When the shopping cart in Geowidget shows the error "No access, check if the token has been generated for the correct site" you need to re-generate the token for Geowidget in Parcel Manager but specifying the correct store site URL. The error is related to providing an incorrect store URL.





If you have any questions, please use the Integration Department's contact form, which is available here: https://inpost.pl/formularz-wsparcie  

 After entering the form, just select "Customer Support" from the list, in the category select: InPost module, and in the field "Please specify the name of the module" enter: PrestaShop