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InPost Quick Returns

Inpost Paczkomat API XML is a solution providing interaction with the system that supports the service of Paczkomaty InPost, using standard solutions which include http protocol and XML language.

Production environment


  • API, available at:

  • Package Manager, available at:

  • All transmitted data use UTF-8 code page


Authorization data:

Use the username and password as for on which the quick returns service is running.

For correct communication over the API, the service must be enabled. Make sure to check with your account manager if it is enabled.


Sandbox environment



Authorization data:

Use the username and password as for on which the quick returns service is running.

If you do not have an account then you need to register one at In order to activate the fast returns service, you need to send a request via > Customer Support > Quick Returns.


Query collection

Below we share a sample collection for the Postman application. To run, download the files and import them.

Production environment

Sandbox environment




First scenario - generating the return code



  1. The end customer, using the operator's website (or other solution), enters his request, the purpose of which is to send back the goods via InPost Parcel Locker (return, claim - sending to service or replacement). 

    1. The operator can, on its side, verify the validity of the request and then send a request ( ) to InPost to generate a return code. The gambit is set by the operator or the end customer (A, B, C) to a 9-digit phone number and email when the return code is generated, the customer receives an SMS/e-mail or push message on the mobile application (return code and expiration date). InPost, in response, sends the return code along with the expiration date and selected size to the operator, which confirms the correct execution of the order - the operator can freely dispose of the generated return code.

  2. After obtaining the return code, the customer goes to any Parcel Locker of his choice and from the menu selects the "Return shipment" option by entering the received return code or scans the QR code from the Mobile Application or email. The Parcel Locker opens the box in the size indicated by the operator allowing the return shipment to be placed. It is not possible to send the parcel after the return code has expired.

  3. The courier pulls out the package and processes it as a Parcel Loker shipment without a label.

Possible forms of sending:

  • Parcel Locker

 Possible forms of delivery:

  • Courier


Scenario second - activation of the return code



The customer received an inactive return code along with the product with the information that in case of a return, he must activate it using a form available on the operator's website.

The Customer uses the operator's website and in addition to the request introduces the number received with the product (e.g.: serial number, RMA number). After the number is accepted by the operator, the rest of the process is performed as in Scenario I, except that the customer does not receive the code but only information indicating that the code has been activated, together with the validity date.