[ENG] OpenCart 3.X

Below is the documentation for the proprietary InPost OpenCart plugin. It contains information about installation and configuration of the plugin.

Version compatible with all versions of OpenCart 3.0


If you have problems with the installation of the plugin (failure to save some files), you need to install the add-on:


It is required to refresh the page and reinstall the module


Production environment

You must have access credentials to connect to the ShipX API before installation:

  • Access Token (key)

  • ID organization


  • Access Token for Geowidget

Download a tutorial explaining how to quickly create access to the ShipX API and Geowidget on your own:


Test environment

Access generation

https://sandbox-manager.paczkomaty.pl/ > tab Moje konto > API

To generate a Token and an organization ID, you need to complete all the data, including billing details under My Account > Data. In order to create a Parcel Locker® shipment you need funds in your account, you will top up your account virtually in the Payments tab


  • Access Token do Geowidget > tab Moje konto > API > Geowidget


Plugin installation


Log in to the administration panel of your store on the OpenCart platform

  1. Go to the Extensions tab and select Installer



2. Click Upload and select 2 zip files of the installation plugin. You should install them one by one.

3. After installation, the plug-in will appear in the tab below in the list of installed plug-ins ExtensionsExtensions



Plugin configuration


Searching for a module for further configuration is done under Extensions Extensions

In this tab, select InPost Shipping → Edit




General - allows you to configure access to the API (Production and Sandbox)



GeoWidget - Allows you to add a Token to Geowidget (you need to generate a Geowiedget token for the map with InPost points to work properly)


Settings - after adding a delivery form in Delivery Services, it allows you to set price, logo, free delivery, tax and maximum shipment dimensions

Sender’s details - data can be completed or automatically downloaded from the API

Shipment method - allows you to configure the default Pickup Points/Packet Machine® and set the default insurance value

Delivery services - a place to add and configure Parcel Post® and Courier services

Weekend Package - allows you to configure the Parcel on Weekend service (days and hours of service availability)

Pickup Points - allows you to add/remove/edit Pickup Points

Orders - here you will find additional options for handling orders, we can select the status at which a button for Quick Returns will appear in the customer profile

Quick Returns - allows you to configure the Quick Returns service (having created an account in this service - Sales Representative)



Here you can complete the API access data (Token, organization ID), which can be generated yourself in the Parcel Manager under the "API "Access to environments is at the beginning of this documentation

It is possible to use only Sandbox mode after switching the switch and completing the sandbox data



For proper operation of the map with InPost points in the shopping cart, you need to add the Geowidget token to the Production or Sandbox configuration.

Generate the token in Parcel Manager under My Account → API → Geowidget (specifying the store domain)


Delivery services - configure the delivery method in the shopping cart

Here you can configure the delivery methods that will appear in your store

Click Add Service -> fill in the service that is imported from the API, the default shipping method, specify the default shipment dimensions or size ( depending on the service used), then give the correct name of the service according to the guidelines in "Guide to the effective implementation of InPost deliveries in e-commerce shopping cart" and click Save




After adding a service, you have the option to further configure the delivery method. This can be done immediately after clicking Save - a window to configure logos, prices, weight will appear, or after going to the Settings tab.


Prices are set in Shipping locations and costs

Below is an example of prices depending on the weight of the product (set the weight directly in the product tab Data → Weight)

Structure: 3:8.99, 10:10.99,25:13.99 → price up to 3 kg is 8,99, price up to 10 kg is 10,99, price to 25kg 13:99



Positioning of delivery services in the shopping cart

Here you can position InPost services in the customer's shopping cart


  1. In the plug-in configuration, go to the Settings tab

2. Select Edit in the specific delivery form and in the Sort order edit, complete the order counting from 0 (first item)


Quick Returns

The service allows customers to return shipments ordered from the store via Parcel Locker®.

In the configuration of the plugin Quick Returns tab, provide a short name for the Quick Returns form. The link is created after setting up an account for this service through the Sales Representative

The customer who is logged in to the store in the order tab sees a new Return button this allows you to move to your form where they can make a return

! It is important to set in the Orders tab when such a button should be visible - depending on the status of the order.



Order processing/shipping


Order handling

Tab - Sales → Orders

  1. Opens a preview of orders placed by customers. Navigate to the order by clicking View (highlighted in red)



2. In the order, a table appears with InPost services and Parcel Locker® number where we can create a shipment. Allows you to generate labels, create shipments, print pickup orders



3. fter clicking on the New Shipment button, a panel opens for editing the data provided by the customer as well as accepting them




4. If the data is correct click Create Shipment the window closes and the tracking number appears in the Shipment Number space after several seconds


Printing and label format


Once the shipment is created, you can download the label by clicking Print Label

We choose the format of the label we are interested in


Handling dispatch - creating a disptach order

Parcel handling and shipping is available at two locations.

  1. Disptach Order button appears directly in the order after the package is generated



2. In the list of shipments - this tab can be accessed through the View list of shipments button in the order in InPost Shipping or through the tab to configure the plugin in the upper right corner View list of shipments:



List of shipments

A preview of all generated shipments. On the right are the available actions depending on the delivery method and the form of shipment of the package.




Products templates

In the product, it is possible to specify the dimensions of the shipment for a specific product (these data are automatically substituted when creating the shipment in the order)

Go to Catalog → Products → select a specific product


Product - Data tab - for InPost Courier shipping method we can set the dimensions and weight



Product - Shipping tab - allows you to set for which delivery method the product will be available + we can specify the shipment size (A,B,C) for the InPost Paczkomat® service (it will automatically substitute itself when creating a parcel Paczkomat® shipment





If you have any questions, please use the Integration Department's contact form, which is available here: https://inpost.pl/formularz-wsparcie

After entering the form, just select "Customer Support" from the list, in the category select: InPost module, and in the field "Please specify the name of the module" specify: OpenCart