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Below is the documentation for InPost's proprietary Shopify solution. It contains information about the installation and configuration of the plugin.

The plugin is available on the Shopify app strore



Shopify as of January 1, 2023 has changed the rules for granting access to the Carrier Service API which allows our application to work only from the SHOPIFY plan





Marketplace Shopify


! After installing the plugin, add the webhook address in the Parcel Manager panel:

Manager Paczek → Moje Konto → API → Ustawienia Organizacji → Adres Webhook




Production environment

You must have access credentials to connect to the ShipX API before installation:

  • Access Token (key)

  • ID organization


  • Access Token for Geowidget

Download a tutorial explaining how to quickly create access to the ShipX API and Geowidget on your own:

Sandbox environment

Access generation > tab Moje konto > API

To generate a Token and an organization ID in sandbox, you need to complete all the data, including billing details under My Account > Data. In order to create a Parcel Locker® shipment you need funds in your account, you will top up your account virtually in the Payments tab


  • Access Token do Geowidget > tab Moje konto > API > Geowidget


Sandbox mode is available only when no production order has yet been processed by the application.

Due to the limitations of displaying POPs in the test maps, production maps have been used in the application to allow you to preview the selection of default Parcelboxes or Parcelpoints.

To create a shipment in test mode with Parcel Post or POP broadcast, you need to enter the data manually.

  • Parcel Locker : WAW099, AND01A, BBI01N

  • POP : POP-004-TEST


Plugin installation


Install the app from the Shopify App Store


  • Log in to the Shopify App Store

  • Find Inpost app, then click it

  • On the app offer page, click Add app

  • To authorize the use of the app, click Install app in the Shopify dashboard

Once the app is installed, you can view and use it on the Apps page of your Shopify dashboard.

More information:


After installation, the application on the left will appear in the store panel:





To configure the plug-in, we go to the InPost application. There you will see several tabs below telling you what they mean:

The changes made should be saved, by clicking the Zapisz Ustawienia at the bottom of the screen

After saving the settings, a confirmation message will appear.



Authorization (Login Details)


ID organizacji

Must be completed from Parcel Manager (My Account tab - API, format - 5 digits)

Autoryzacja (Token API)

Allows you to configure access to the ShipX API (Production and Sandbox). Data like organization ID and token can be obtained from the Parcel Manager. We described it in the first part of this documentation Autoryzacja

Autoryzacja (Token Geowidget) Shopify Plus

Allows you to add a Token to Geowidget (you need to generate a Geowiedget token for the map with InPost points to work properly)

Tryb API


Status wtyczki

Deactivating the plug-in will not affect the orders being processed. New customers will not be able to use the delivery methods defined in the settings.





You should select the plan you have in the store:


Standard: Does not display Geowidget map, no option to upload service logo

Zaawansowany (Shopify Plus): Geowidget map appears, it is possible to upload the logo of the service





Metody dostawy

Allows you to configure delivery methods:

  • service name

  • the number of parcel machines that will be displayed in the shopping cart (closest to the address that the customer specified)

  • cost of delivery

  • free delivery threshold

  • maximum allowed weight for products at which this delivery service will display in the shopping cart

  • positioning of services (by clicking on the up or down arrow)

  • logo (only with Shopify Plus)

! It is important to set the weight for each product in the store



You can find a delivery implementation guide at:


In addition, for Weekend Parcel, please specify:

  • Availability from / to day of the week

  • Availability from / to the hour


Szybkie Zwroty

Enables configuration of the Quick Returns service

  1. In the plug-in configuration, you need to provide a link to the Fast Returns form (e.g. The link is created when you create an account for this service through the Sales Representative

  2. After adding the short name, a code will be generated. The code allows you to display the Return button in the customer panel of the skep. The code should be copied and added in the store template according to the following instructions.

* Fill in the abbreviated name of your account set up on the Quick Returns service

* After adding the short name, a code will be generated. The code allows you to display the 'return' button in the skep customer panel. The code should be copied and added in the store template according to the instructions below.


1. Refer to the Shopify manual Edytowanie kodu szablonu · Centrum Pomocy Shopify From the Shopify admin panel, go to options: Online Store > Templates.

2. We make sure that our store uses the classic customer panel and that you have access to edit the template code.


3. Verify which of the following files you can edit in your store


Path for templates/customers/order.json

1. We find in the templates/customers/order.json file the name of the section that our template uses



2. In the above case, it is main-order, so the path to the section file is as follows: sections/main-order.liquid

Edit the sections/main-order.liquid file by adding the embed code from the app under the order details table.



Path for templates/customers/order.liquid

Edit the templates/customers/order.liquid file by adding the embed code from the app under the order details table.






Returns made through the form have 2 acceptance options:

  1. Automatic - the customer, when completing the form, receives a return code, which he must enter while at the machine

  2. Manual acceptance - the customer submits the form but you are the one who accepts or not a given return. Only after acceptance does the customer receive the return code



Domyślna wartość ubezpieczenia

Default amount that will be displayed when creating InPost shipments (blank indicates 0)


Ustawienia nadania

  • allows you to set the default parcel size, which will be automatically substituted when creating a parcel

  • default way of sending parcel shipments

  • default outgoing parcel machine for parcel shipments

  • default POP point


Punkt odbioru

A place to define a parcel pick-up point when creating a drive-up order

Points can be added, deleted and edited



Specify the sender of the packages - all fields must be completed




Shipments - management

A place to manage orders and shipments. We can manage them in bulk or by going into individual orders.

Note: an order that uses InPost delivery will automatically appear in the app

There is a view of all the important information - shipment number, order number, status, price, service, method of shipment, phone number, recipient's email, whether the package was shipped and date.


Filtering shipments

  • Sposób nadania

  • Status

  • Usługa

  • Ilość pokazanych przesyłek na stroniw

  • Nr referencyjny

  • Nr zamówienia

  • Nr telefonu

  • E-mail odbiorcy


List of shipments

In the list of shipments, columns are available:

  • Zamawianie podjazdu  - Ordering a driveway

  • Drukowanie etykiet - Printing labels

  • Drukowanie etykiet zwrotnych - Print return labels

  • Drukuj zleceń odbioru - Print collection orders


  • Nr przesyłki utworzony: click takes you to shipment tracking

  • Nr przesyłki nie utworzony: Clicking on the '+' takes you to the settings for a particular order

  • Unique order number for InPost system

  • This is a different order number from the particular Shopify store

Status — shipment status of a given order

Cena — total value of the order

Usługa — the selected delivery service

Sposób nadania — the selected shipping method

Nr tel. - details of the customer who placed the order

E-mail odbiorcy — data of the customer who placed the order data

Nadano — date of shipment

Utworzono — date of creation

  • Drukuj etykietę

    • The action allows you to generate labels in 3 formats PDF, A6 format / EPL / ZPL

    • The action is available after creating a shipment

  • Drukuj etykietę zwrotną

    • Action available only for courier services

  • Drukuj zlecenie odbioru

    • Option available after ordering a driveway

  • Zamów podjazd

    • This option allows, ordering a driveway for the entered parcel pick-up locations. It is required to select or define a pickup location

    • Option is available after parcel number is generated


The availability of actions for a given order, depends on the status. For example, if a shipment has not been created, then no actions are available


Shipments - creating shipments


From the Application level in the Przesyłki tab

In the Przesyłki tab you will find all orders placed in the store for which the InPost delivery method has been selected


To create a shipment you need to:

  • The button is available for orders for which no shipment number has been generated

  • The left section is customer data and order details

  • The right section is used to generate the shipment.

  • Usługa — Service - verify or change the selected form of delivery

  • Paczkomat odbiorczy klienta — Customer's receiving parcel - verify or change the customer's receiving parcel

  • Status przesyłki — Shipment status - preview the status of the shipment

  • Domyślny rozmiar paczki — Default parcel size - select the size of the parcel to be shipped

  • Wartość ubezpieczenia — Insurance value - change the default insurance value [provided in the services tab

  •  Numer referencyjny — Reference number

  • Sposób nadania — Shipment method

  • Punkt odbioru — Pickup point - list of pickup points available for a given way of shipment, points are added in the 'services' tab

  • Numer przesyłki —Shipment number - The shipment number will be automatically assigned after the shipment is created

    1. Once the tracking number is generated, you can go directly to shipment tracking  

    2. Once the tracking number is generated, you can also download parcel labels

From within a given order


InPost shipment can be created directly from the order level, to do this you need to:

  1. Go to the order in question

  2. Select ' More Actions' > 'Create InPost shipment' in the upper right corner

  3. Admin will be transferred to the parcel creation panel in the Inpost app



Orders - courier driveway

Panel for viewing submitted driveway orders

Columns: shipment number, date of shipment, pickup points, status




A place with information about the documentation (above) and a contact form for additional questions





If you have any questions, please use the Integration Department's contact form, which is available here:  

 After entering the form, just select "Wsparcie Klienta” from the list, in the category select: Moduł InPost, and in the field "Proszę podać nazwę modułu” enter: Shopify