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[ENG] WooCommerce


Below is the documentation for the proprietary InPost WooCommerce plugin. It contains information about installation and configuration of the plugin


Plugin: (latest version of new release 1.1.9 available on wordpress)

Previous versions: 2.0.38/39



Production environment

You must have access credentials to connect to the ShipX API before installation:

  • Access Token (key)

  • ID organization


  • Access Token for Geowidget

Download a tutorial explaining how to quickly create access to the ShipX API and Geowidget on your own:

Test environment

Access generation > tab Moje konto > API

To generate a Token and an organization ID, you need to complete all the data, including billing details under My Account > Data. In order to create a Parcel Locker® shipment you need funds in your account, you will top up your account virtually in the Payments tab


  • Access Token do Geowidget > tab Moje konto > API > Geowidget


Plugin installation

Log in to your store's admin panel on the WooCommerce platform

  1. Go to Plugins → Installed Plugins



2. In this tab, select the Add new and then Upload Plugin

(Click the button and upload the installation package as an Archive)


Plugin configuration


Search the module for further configuration by going to InPost → Settings

Logging in (Authorization)

Here you can fill in your API access data (Token, Organization ID), which you can generate yourself in the Parcel Manager under the "API" tab.

(Access to the environments is at the beginning of this documentation)


Organization ID

should be completed from Parcel Manager (My Account tab - API, format - 5 digits)


should be completed from the Parcel Manager (My Account - API tab)

Token Geowidget

should be completed from the Parcel Manager (My Account tab - API - Geowidget).

Without this data, the Map will not display correctly

Important! When the shopping cart in Geowidget shows the error "No access, check if the token has been generated for the correct site" you must re-generate the token for Geowidget in the Parcel Manager but with the correct shop site address.

API Type


Szybkie Zwroty

here you can fill in the abbreviated name of your account set up on the Fast Returns website


Default insurance amount

allows you to specify a default insurance value to be completed on shipments

Send options

Default insurance amount

allows you to specify a default insurance value to be completed on shipments

Default package size

applies to Parcel Locker service - gab. A/B/C

Default courier package size

default dimensions for courier shipments (when checked overwrites the dimensions set in the product)

Default send method

Courier/Parcel Locker

Parcel locker label format

choice of A4 or A6

Default send parcel locker

default parcel locker, which will be substituted when you select the way of shipment - parcel locker


(only works if weight is set in the product)

Dispatch Point

Dispatch Point

allows you to add/delete/edit Receipt Points



It should be completed with the company data




Quick Returns

The service allows customers to return shipments ordered from the store via Parcel Locker

  1. In the plugin configuration, you need to provide a link to the Fast Returns form (e.g. The link is created when you create an account for this service through the Sales Representative

  2. A customer who is logged in to the store in the order tab sees a new Fast Returns button this takes them to your form where they can make a return


The Quick Returns button appears in the customer panel when a link is added in the plugin configuration "Quick Returns - link"


Returns made through the form have two acceptance options:

  1. Automatic - when the customer completes the form, he or she is given a return code that must be entered while at the machine

  2. Manual acceptance - the customer completes and submits the form but it is the store owner who accepts or not - the given return. Only after acceptance does the customer receive the return code


Delivery Services


To configure the services available in the shopping cart, you need to add each one individually in the configuration

  1. To do this, go to WooCommerce → Settings → Shipping

2. Select the country (edit button)

3. Click Add shipping method

4. Select a specific service that interests us

Services with download include COD in the name (only then is the value of the download recorded when the package is created)




5. The service is added. It needs to be configured


When choosing a service, we have the option:

  • editing the name

The name of the service and the logo should be added according to the guidelines in the „Poradniku skutecznej implementacji dostaw InPost w koszyku e-commerce” link:

  • insertion of logo

  • amount of free delivery

  • the shipping price

  • whether the shipment is to be taxed

  • order of presenting the delivery

+ In addition, by unchecking Uniform rate, you can set the shipping price in terms of the weight in the cart, the size as well as the price of the products themselves.

weight/size/price are taken from the settings of the product

  • Shipping class costs




Based on Weight


Based on Size


Positioning of delivery services in the shopping cart is possible in the panel: WooCommerce → Settings → Shipping → Country (you can freely move the services by clicking on the three dashes next to the service name)


Shipping class costs

Configuring a shipping class allows us to group products when it comes to prices. We create a shipping class, which we can assign to a specific item(s) in the product settings.

We can add as many shipping classes as we want.


Class creation:

You need to create shipping classes on the tab WooCommerce → Settings → Shipping → Shipping classesAdd shipping class


Configuring in the delivery method:

WooCommerce → Settings → Shipping → Zone

In a given form of delivery, such as InPost Parcel Locker® 24/7, you need to specify what shipping costs will be in a particular class



Priority of calculation of delivery price:

  1. if the free delivery threshold is reached then - free delivery

2. if the free delivery threshold is not reached - we take the price for the delivery class

3. if the delivery class is not specified - then the settings of our plugin (flat rate or price from the table against the size/weight)


Configuration in the product:

Moving to a specific product, you need to set in the Shipping tab which shipping class it should belong to


InPost Locker Economy

Products ordered through the provided InPost Paczkomat® Economy Parcel service get an attractive delivery price. Receiving economy parcels from Paczkomat® InPost is the safest way to carry out online orders, especially with the remote opening of the box through the InPost Mobile application

A new shipping method should be added to the operation of the service

  1. WooCommerce tab → Settings → Shipping → Add shipping method


2. Then configure the service by providing the commercial product ID given in the contract and complete the price for the service


3. When the customer selects the InPost Locker Economy, information about the service and the variant will appear in the order



Weekend Parcel Service

In order to make the Parcel on the Weekend service available, you need to add a new delivery method

  1. To do this, go to WooCommerce → Settings → Shipping

  2. select a country (edit button)

  3. click Add Shipping Method


From the list, select: InPost Locker Weekend:


Shipping method


We proceed to the delivery configuration:

By setting a specific day and time, we indicate at what times the specified service should appear in the shopping cart on the website


Creation of parcel with the PwW service is available from Thursday 20:00 to Friday 18:00


Configuration preview







































Order processing/shipping

Order handling

Allows generation of labels, creation of shipments, printing of collection orders

Moving on to the order after the customer selects a specific service, the window for InPost shipping appears




After completing and verifying the data, press the Send Parcel button to generate the package and assign a tracking number

After a while, the Get stickers and tracking number button appears


Mass downloading of labels

The plugin allows you to download labels in bulk

There are two places where this can be done


  1. Tab Orders - bulk actions button at the top of the table:





2. Tab InPost - Shipments - Get stickers button (after selecting shipments)





Shipping service


InPost → Shipments


Here it is possible to handle and view drive-up orders, currently processed and shipped shipments, generate labels, create and print pickup orders

Here you can also create labels in bulk


Ordering a courier → For this purpose, select in the filter Method of shipment: Courier




Product configuration


In each product, it is possible to specify specific dimensions for courier shipments and dimensions for Parcel Post® shipments. They are automatically downloaded to your order.



Availability of services

Directly in the product, set the visibility of individual services in the shopping cart:





Handling coupons for delivery

Coupon support in the shopping cart can be enabled at WooCommerce → Settings → General → Enable coupons

Configuration can be found under Marketing → Coupons

  1. We click add coupon

  2. We choose from Discount type → Inpost

  3. Set the value of the coupon, its name, expiration date and for which forms of delivery it should appear

  4. Click Publish



In the shopping cart after the customer adds the coupon, the discount information shows above the shipping and the shipping amount is reduced by the value of the coupon




Integration with Flexible Shipping


Our module allows you to integrate with Flexible Shipping plugin

After activating this plugin, the standard list of InPost services disappears

To configure the services available in the shopping cart, you need to add each one individually in the plugin configuration

  1. To do so, go to WooCommerce → Settings → Shipping

2. select a country (edit button)

3. click Add shipping method

4. select Flexible Shipping



After creating a form of delivery, you need to configure it

Go to the specific newly created service, which is tentatively named Flexible Shipping, and click Edit

  1. We fill in the name of the service

2. We select a specific service assigned to InPost API

3. Set the price and configure further settings of the Flexible Shipping plugin






If you have any questions, please use the Integration Department's contact form, which is available here:  

 After entering the form, just select "Customer Support" from the list, in the category select: InPost module, and in the field "Please specify the name of the module" enter: WooCommerce