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InPost Pay - Widget - frontend offers the button "Kup z InPost Pay", which the client clicks to start the merchant - InPost Pay basket synchronization.

The Widget may be embedded by a merchant on their website on:

  • A product card,

  • The basket summary screen

Depending on the status of the basket (synchronized/unsynchronized), the appearance of the widget varies.

For an unsynchronized basket, the widget shows the button "Utwórz koszyk z InPost Pay" (Create a basket with InPost Pay), which, when used, adds the product to the basket and designates the basket as synchronized.

The Widget should be embedded below the standard button “Dodaj do koszyka” (Add to the basket).

Pairing a Basket with InPost Pay:

  • When using the feature "Utwórz koszyk z InPost Pay" for the first time, the user will be able to link the basket to InPost Pay and add the browser to the trusted browsers

  • The pairing of a basket consists in:

    • Using a QR Code

    • Using a Deeplink

    • Using a phone number

  • Each of the methods above is identical when it comes to the process of binding baskets with InPost Pay

  • Adding a browser to the trusted browsers in the InPost Pay app makes it possible for a client of the merchant to execute purchases with InPost Pay without the need to pair the basket using the methods: QR Code, Deeplink, or phone number.



The pairing of a basket by means of a phone number:




The pairing of a basket by means of a QR Code


In the case of a synchronized basket, the widget shows the message: "Twoje produkty czekają w aplikacji InPost!" (Your products await in the InPost App!) to the user

When the browser has already been added:

  • If the computer's browser is linked to InPost Mobile, the widget shows the no. (in the form of a mask) of the phone linked.

  • The Widget helps remove (unpair) a basket linked with the given phone number.

  • The list of browsers linked can be managed from the level of the InPost Mobile app











Examples of embedding a Widget & pairing a basket


Embedding a widget on a product card,:



Embedding a widget on a basket summary:


Pairing a basket based on a QR Code: