SMART service handling

Adding the option of sending Allegro SMART services during inpost_locker_allegro_smart shipment creation.


Shipment resource for Allegro SMART has the same attributes as Shipment simplified mode. The only difference is in cod parameter:











Cash collection amount.

The attribute is not required.



Resource access requires an active access token.


Allegro parcels before

Allegro parcels no longer require custom_attributes to include allegro_transaction_id and allegro_user_id, sending a full masked allegro email is sufficient. The e-mail will have the following structure, example:


Creating Allegro SMART shipments

 SMART shipments can be created only for emails within the allegro domain:

In case of the given email reaching the SMART limit, the service will be automatically changed to the equivalent service without _smart.

In case an allegro domain email and service inpost_locker_allegro, when the email has an available SMART limit, service will automatically change to the equivalent _smart  service.

Beneath, you can see which services should be used for each delivery option:


Delivery Option - Allegro Paczkomat® 24/7 InPost:

  • with Allegro Smart  -  use inpost_locker_allegro

  • without Allegro Smart  -  use inpost_locker_allegro (service will be changed to inpost_locker_allegro_smart if the email has available SMART limit)

Attention! Wrong service for the delivery method

In case the wrong service is specified for the delivery method (e.g. inpost_locker_standard service for Allegro Paczkomat® 24/7), SMART will not be available.


Examples of inquiries are available at


Sample request to create a package for Allegro Paczkomat® 24/7 InPost delivery method:

curl --location '' \ --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \ --header 'Authorization: Bearer eyJhbGciOiJSUzI...' \ --data-raw '{ "sender": { "company_name": "Company_name", "first_name": "first_name", "last_name": "last_name", "email": "", "phone": "321321321", "address": { "street": "Czerniakowska", "building_number": "87A", "city": "Warszawa", "post_code": "00-718", "country_code": "PL" } }, "receiver": { "company_name": "company_name", "first_name": "first_name", "last_name": "last_name", "email": "", "phone": "888000000" }, "parcels": [ { "template": "medium" } ], "custom_attributes": { "sending_method": "dispatch_order", "target_point": "KRA012" }, "service": "inpost_locker_allegro", "reference": "Numer_zamówienia" }'


HTTP/1.1 201 CREATED Content-Type: application/json { "href": "", "id": 12280001, "status": "created", "tracking_number": null, "return_tracking_number": null, "service": "inpost_locker_allegro_smart", "reference": "Numer_zamówienia", "is_return": false, "application_id": 1070, "created_by_id": null, "external_customer_id": null, "sending_method": "dispatch_order", "end_of_week_collection": false, "comments": null, "mpk": null, "additional_services": [], "custom_attributes": { "target_point": "KRA012", "sending_method": "dispatch_order" }, "cod": { "amount": null, "currency": null }, "insurance": { "amount": 5000, "currency": "PLN" }, "sender": { "id": 24563418, "name": null, "company_name": "Company_name", "first_name": "first_name", "last_name": "last_name", "email": "", "phone": "321321321", "address": { "id": 23260657, "street": "Czerniakowska", "building_number": "87A", "line1": null, "line2": null, "city": "Warszawa", "post_code": "00-718", "country_code": "PL" } }, "receiver": { "id": 24563417, "name": null, "company_name": "company_name", "first_name": "first_name", "last_name": "last_name", "email": "", "phone": "888000000", "address": null }, "selected_offer": null, "offers": [], "transactions": [], "parcels": [ { "id": 13041562, "identify_number": null, "tracking_number": null, "is_non_standard": false, "template": "medium", "dimensions": { "length": 380.0, "width": 640.0, "height": 190.0, "unit": "mm" }, "weight": { "amount": 25.0, "unit": "kg" } } ], "created_at": "2023-10-25T15:13:40.761+02:00", "updated_at": "2023-10-25T15:13:40.761+02:00" }