[ENG] InPost Pay documentation

The Merchant – InPost Pay integration includes the following elements:




InPost Pay

The entire IT solution consisting of several systems which handle the process of finalizing the purchase by the user in the InPost Mobile app.

InPost Mobile

The currently functioning InPost app allowing for track, send, and return shipments.


A store/a platform which offers product sales online, integrated with InPost Pay.


One or several products that the user selects on the Merchant's website. The content of the basket is transferred to InPost Pay.


An end user purchasing at a Merchant's platform and having the InPost Mobile app.


Aion Bank - payment operator.

InPost Pay Widget

An element embedded on the Merchant's website, which makes it possible to select the Kup z InPost Pay (Buy with InPost Pay) option, and to bind a browser with the InPost Mobile app. The Widget is used to couple with the use of a telephone number./QR, or to quickly add an InPost Pay basket for a registered user.


This is a basket for which the payment process was started.

Trusted/linked browser

An instance of a web browser which operates on a specific device, added to the trusted ones to the InPost Mobile app. Only a trusted browser may add products to a basket in InPost Mobile.


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