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InPost Pay (Basket_App)

InPost Pay (Basket App) - is a module which provides access to the API, which makes it possible to exchange information regarding the basket and the processing of the order.

  • In a given moment, the user may have numerous active, synchronized baskets (shopping at different merchants). The payment for each basket takes place separately.

  • The relation between the basket on the part of the merchant and of InPost Pay is 1:1. One basket on the part of the merchant corresponds to one basket at InPost Pay.

  • On the part of the InPost Mobile app, the user will be able to:

    • Change the quantity of a given product in the shopping cart

    • Remove a product from the shopping cart

    • Provide a rebate code

  • Any change in the information about the basket on the side of InPost Mobile is transferred to the merchant. The Merchant always sends back the whole content of the basket.

  • If a synchronized basket is changed on the merchant's side, the Merchant always sends the whole basket to InPost Pay.

Together with the basket, the Merchant provides InPost Mobile with the following information:



Product List

  • name

  • category

  • EAN/ product code

  • net price per piece, VAT, gross price

  • list of attributes (colour, size etc.)

  • number of pieces available

  • link to a picture

Basket summary

  • Delivery method chosen

  • The available forms of delivery (list: courier, parcel locker, the net /gross amount for the delivery mode selected, initial delivery date), and additional delivery options

  • Discount codes used

  • The net/gross amount of the basket before the discount

  • Net/gross basket rebate

  • The net/gross amount of the basket after the rebate (without the delivery costs)

  • The net/gross amount to be paid (without the delivery costs)

  • Payment forms available

  • Currency

  • Basket expiration date

Basket expiration date

After this date, the basket is removed from the list of baskets in InPost Mobile.

List of suggested products

On the InPost Mobile side, the user can add a product to the basket. The information is sent to the merchant, same as with other operations on the basket on the InPost Mobile side.

Discount codes used

The user may add further codes separately. The User should be able to remove any already added rebate code on the InPost Mobile side

Additional delivery options, and the cost of the options

E.g. Parcel on Weekend – PLN 5, Collecting (key: COD) – PLN 4, Packaging service - PLN 15). The COD key is restricted, and makes the cash on delivery payment forms available for the given basket.


The list of consents should include the fields:

  • ID

  • Heading – the short name of the consent presented in InPost Mobile limited down to X characters (for instance 150 characters)

  • The necessity of the consent to place the order (always, only for a new version, not required)

  • Consent version (for instance date)

  • Link to the full content of the consent


InPost Mobile stores the information regarding the consents checked for a given merchant, so that the consents required for "a new version" are provided only once for the given ID assigned and the consent version.

The user must accept the consents that are required "always" for each order placed.

View basket in InPost Pay Mobile


View of active baskets in InPost Mobile:




Basket details in InPost Mobile:



List of orders placed:


InPost Pay API

List of endpoints issued by the InPost Pay app, used to communicate between the merchant, and the InPost Pay app









DELETE /v1/izi/browser/{browser_id}/binding

Method deletes binded browser or removes phone from binded browser.


PUT /v1/izi/basket/{basket_id}

This method updates or creates a basket e.g. change products quantity, delivery type etc.

DELETE /v1/izi/basket/{basket_id}/binding

Desynchronisation of basket with telephone number

POST /v1/izi/basket/{basket_id}/binding

This method connect basket with InPost app

GET /v1/izi/basket/{basket_id}/binding

This method verify if basket is connected with InPost app

GET /v1/izi/baskets

Returns baskets list for merchnat


POST /v1/izi/order/{order_id}/event

Updata order

GET /v1/izi/orders

Returns orders list for merchant

Signature verification

GET /v1/izi/signing-keys/public

Returns public signing keys

GET /v1/izi/signing-keys/public/{version}

Returns public signing key for version

Production Environment

Production environment address: https://api.inpost.pl

Sandbox Environment

Test environment address: https://sandbox-api.inpost.pl