The chapter describes the baskets details which the Merchant transfers to InPost together with a list and description of the methods called by the Merchant to InPost for binding or updating the data of a basket.

List of methods

Details of the basket transferred to InPost Pay

Together with the basket, the Merchant provides InPost Mobile with the following information:



Product List

  • name

  • Category

  • EAN/ product code

  • net price per piece, VAT, gross price

  • list of attributes (colour, size etc.)

  • number of pieces available

  • bind to a picture

Basket summary

  • Delivery form chosen

  • The available forms of delivery (list: courier, parcel locker, the net /gross amount for the delivery mode selected, initial delivery date), and additional delivery options

  • Discount codes used

  • The net/gross amount of the basket before the discount

  • Net/gross basket rebate

  • The net/gross amount of the basket after the rebate (without the delivery costs)

  • The net/gross amount to be paid (without the delivery costs)

  • Payment forms available

  • Currency

  • Basket expiration date

Basket expiration date

After this date, the basket is removed from the list of baskets in InPost Mobile.

List of suggested products

The User on the InPost Mobile side can add a suggested product to the basket. The information is transferred to the Merchant, similarly as for other operations on the basket in InPost Mobile.

The Merchant specifies what products are associated/suggested. Due to the intended use of the mobile app it is recommended to add no more than 10 products related to the product in the basket.

Discount codes used

The user can specify several codes, each of them must be entered separately. The user can remove any rebate code added from the level of the InPost Mobile app.

  1. Consider that the codes, their value, terms and conditions, validity period are determined by the Merchant (promo_codes)

  2. The basket with promotional codes is calculated at the Merchant's, not in the InPost Mobile app, in accordance with the binding rules and exceptions from the promotions

  3. After recalculating, the rebated basket is sent by the Merchant to the InPost app and displayed in the form which includes the rebate code

Additional delivery options, and the cost of the options

For the InPost Paczkomat® 24/7 Parcel Locker service, the following additional services are available:

  • Parcel on Weekend – e.g. PLN 5

  • Collection (COD) – e.g. PLN 4

Packing service- e.g.  PLN 15 (Not associated with the delivery form selected)


The list of consents should include the fields:

  • ID

  • Heading – the short name of the consent presented in InPost Mobile limited down to X characters (for instance 150 characters)

  • The necessity of the consent to place the order (always, only for a new version, not required)

  • Consent version (for instance date)

  • Link to the full content of the consent

InPost Mobile stores the information regarding the consents checked for the given Merchant, so that the consents required for "a new version" were collected only once for the given ID assigned and the consent's version.

The user must accept the consents that are required "always" for each order placed.